Past Edition
Edition Two, 2001
Faith in Development
Spirituality and Social Justice

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'HISTORICALLY', claims The Most Rev. and Rt. Hon. Dr. George L. Carey, the Archbishop of Canterbury, in his article for this issue of Global Future, 'people of faith have been able to effect positive social change.' We have such people to thank, he says, for advances in education, and for the enactment of child labour laws. They are changing society for the better today, and will continue to do so in years to come. The question on many people's minds, and one which this edition of our magazine attempts to address, is how people's values, faith and spirituality might be intertwined with such efforts to improve society. Some would argue that, like church and state, the two should remain separate. Development is most effective, and less likely to taint the purity of the culture it hopes to assist, when values and spirituality are kept out of the mix. Others argue, however, that it is impossible to divorce the two, and that we are better off acknowledging their presence in our development work, and attempt to understand how the two affect each other. We hope this issue will help further the discussion.
  • Putting faith into action for the world's children - The Archbishop of Canterbury calls people of faith to work for change.
  • Development: a moral imperative - Rt. Hon. Clare Short MP calls governments and civil society to tackle development tasks and moral issues that face humanity.
  • Are there any absolute values in international development? - The European Union's Anthony Carey discusses the delicate balance between values and development.
  • The EU: unity in outreach - Listening to the World Faiths Development Dialogue
  • We need to be candid about our own values
  • Balancing work and faith
  • Working from the grass roots
  • No easy options: the challenge of faith-based values
  • Breaking the silence in Uganda on HIV/AIDS
  • A global values revolution
  • Upside-down paradigm
  • Priorities for a new Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance
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