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This year, 2005, has been labelled the year to make poverty history. The nexus of events this year – the G8, the UN Millennium+5 Summit and the World Trade Organisation Ministerial – points to an unprecedented window of opportunity for the international community to tackle the “big three” that are critical to eradicating poverty: aid, trade and debt. Seizing the day, civil society groups have united in the Global Call to Action Against Poverty to press governments on these critical issues.

This edition of Global Future asks: Will this year achieve the hitherto unachieved? Will we really render poverty a thing of the past? What do governments need to do to achieve

Our contributors are unanimous and upbeat: it's do-able. Let the race to end poverty take precedence. That race is now as close to centre-stage as it has ever been – and we are all responsible to keep it there, until we win it.
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