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Edition Two, 2003
Gender and development

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IN THIS ISSUE of Global Future our contributors focus on the issue of gender in development. They ask whether very real progress in some areas has been followed by a period of complacency.

Barbara Stocking of Oxfam GB makes clear that enough has not been done - indeed, the achievements from actions to date have been inadequate. Louise Fr�chette, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, underlines the need for international concern to be followed by action. It is this failure to give real meaning to international conventions, policies and guidelines that occupies the thoughts of many of our authors. Whether the issue is protecting women refugees or fighting the scourge of commercial sexual exploitation, the international community has failed to do enough.

Governments must also accept their own responsibility to press further in achieving genuine equality. Two articles from Latin America show that governments can play a crucial role in bringing change, particularly in fostering the wider changes in culture that are essential. No issue highlights this reality more than that of HIV/AIDS, powerfully conveyed in an article that points to the appalling consequences of ingrained inequity.

Ultimately, all actors in development must accept that initiatives to achieve real progress in gender issues must be rooted in promoting women's rights. These rights are God-given, a reflection of the biblical call for justice and wholeness. The church itself has a vital role to play in challenging stereotypes, and encouraging education and awareness on gender issues.

  • The need to engender action - Louise Fr�chette
  • Improving development impact on gender - Barbara Stocking
  • Challenges to progress - Fatuma Hashi
  • Carrying the burden - Kelly Currah
  • Promoting girls' participation in development - Sara Austin
  • Women carry half of heaven - Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul
  • Can churches empower women? - Jennifer Butler
  • Does rape rate in the hierarchy of horror? - Brenda Fitzpatrick
  • AIDS exacerbates gender disparities - Nigel Marsh
  • Women, peace and security - Ancil Adrian-Paul
  • Helping the girl child - Saisuree Chutikul
  • Gender and environment - Haidy Ear-Dupuy
  • Girls are not commodities - June Kane
  • Protecting refugee women - Mary Diaz
  • A stony road to equality - Patricio Cuevas
  • Trade liberalisation and poverty reduction - Ritu Sharma
  • Millennium progress for the world's women? - Noeleen Heyzer
  • Universal secondary education in Africa - Ruth Kahurananga
  • Specific protection of women's human rights - Isabel Torres
  • Female or male - all alike called to serve - Alan Whaites
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