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Edition Two, 2004
- where is hope?

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Late to the party

This edition of Global Future has been prepared to coincide with the XV International AIDS Conference.

It took far too many deaths for the world to begin taking HIV/AIDS seriously. To see that it is more than a "health" issue (as critical as that is) but also an economic, political, human rights, security and development issue.

How could this have happened? For the same reason that, still, there is politicking and economising of the issue - to the utter exasperation of those closer to the suffering.

Denying the problem and stigmatising people living with HIV/AIDS have not helped. Thankfully, there are now serious efforts to cease medieval-style "plague or punishment" attitudes and respond proactively, with level-headedness and compassion. Faith-based organisations, including churches, have been waking up to their own complicity in this stigma problem, and transforming themselves into vital, values-driven players in the solution.

Meanwhile, millions of children orphaned or otherwise made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS are on a frightening obstacle course - under siege on all sides. If they have made it through pregnancy and birth without becoming infected themselves, endured lives of AIDS-related poverty and then lost their mothers (often both parents), there's a risk they will end up ostracised, exploited or abused.

Anyone can foresee the dire situation not too far down the track. This is why it is critical not only to shake off any remaining slumber now, but to empower and equip younger generations to lead the way in reducing the epidemic in what is, ultimately, their own future.

Is there hope? There is. But whether we follow that path remains to be seen.


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