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Edition Three, 2005
Time for action
tackling violence against children

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“A child shall lead them”

This edition of Global Future focuses on the United Nations Study on Violence Against Children, which is currently underway. As one of the child-focused organisations to have called for such a study, World Vision whole-heartedly welcomes this initiative.
The Independent Expert leading the UN study, Professor Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, and other contributors to this edition explain the background, rationale and hoped-for outcomes of the study. Other articles focus on specific aspects of violence against, or by, children, and measures being taken to tackle them.
The problem is urgent, and incredibly widespread. As you read this, thousands upon thousands of precious children – full of potential – are being neglected, exploited, abused, having their bodies, minds and spirits damaged, due to the failures, needs, whims and disturbed cravings of the adult world.
If a glimpse of this reality were not enough to motivate us to take the problem seriously, another motivation could be self-interest. Children are not just inert recipients/victims of violence, but actors in the real world. They can, and do, become perpetrators of violence themselves. Violence is creating next generations that see violence as the default reaction to life's problems. This has implications for all of us, and for our planet's future.
Tackling the problem of child violence is going to take the combined efforts of all of us. But we must allow children to lead the way. In this, the systematic engagement of children – listening to their experiences and opinions – taken by the UN study is applauded. Some of these children's voices are featured in these pages.
"Our vision for every child, life in all its fullness; our prayer for every heart, the will to make it so," reads a core World Vision statement. May the UN study realise its potential to take us an enormous step in this direction.


  • Not just tinkering at the edges - Paulo Sergio Pinheiro
  • Can the UN study really make a difference? - Melanie Gow
  • From outrage to action - Karin Landgren
  • Some lessons learnt from the Machel study - Helena Gezelius
  • Protecting Canada's children from violence - Landon Pearson
  • Violence against children without parental care - Nigel Cantwell
  • Gun violence and youth in Brazil's urban centres - Luke Dowdney and Marianna Olinger
  • Violence in cyberspace - Carmen Madri��n
  • Violent boys – how we can save them? - James Garbarino
  • FEATURE: Listening to children:
  • “Find someone you can trust” - Amboka Wameyo
  • “Most people ignore it or are unaware of it” - Laurence Gray
  • “Help them get to know us better” - Mar�a Jos� Meza
  • “Where is the so-called civilised world?” - Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian and Holly Dhynes
  • “Involve us…we can help” - Ravi Karkara
  • A force against violence, for justice - Jos� Miguel de Angulo
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