Each edition of Global Future brings together prominent international figures as well as community members people working at poverty's front line in the developing world to discuss issues of justice. Global Future also shares with readers some of the Biblical implications of the issues raised and what it means to follow Jesus while addressing questions of globalisation, trade, conflict...

Our 'Back Page' articles are provided by specially invited leading Christian commentators:

Article Title:Another world is possible
Edition One, 2006
Prioritising children in the global response to HIV and AIDS
Article Summary:The prophet Isaiah envisioned a world where no child would die young or live in misfortune. In stark contrast is the current unparalleled crisis of children orphaned and otherwise made vulnerable by HIV and AIDS. Yet there are small signs of hope that the "Isaiah agenda" can become reality.


Article Title:The Golden Rule as conflict prevention
Edition One, 2005
Preventing violent conflict - can humanity move beyond band-aid solutions?
Article Summary:Sustainable conflict prevention and conflict transformation call for deep reflection within people. A commitment to pursue the most basic and universal of values, the Golden Rule, could prevent many conflicts from escalating, and contribute to peaceful and just relationships.


Article Title:Your personal response to 2005?
Edition Two, 2005
Article Summary:Whether the Global Call to Action Against Poverty will make history in 2005 depends on the response of millions of people around the world. What priority are YOU giving to seizing this moment?


Article Title:A force against violence, for justice
Edition Three, 2005
Time for action - tackling violence against children
Article Summary:Violence in human relationships at family level can strengthen violent and unjust organisational, community, national and international socio-economic structures. But there is no cause to be fatalistic. We must follow Jesus, the Prince of Peace, in pro-actively resisting all forms of violence.


Article Title:Dignity and liberation
Edition Four, 2005
Economic development - breaking down the barriers
Article Summary:HOW DO YOU VIEW THE POOR? Are they a liability to be removed? A problem to be fixed? Or are they intrinsically valuable? And a vast untapped resource? How you view the poor affects your choice of solutions to poverty. Liberation and dignity for the world's poor lie at the heart of microfinance.


Article Title:Faith to reach out
Edition One, 2004
The Millennium Development Goals - more broken promises?
Article Summary:In Jesus' time, people affected by leprosy were feared, excluded and discriminated against. Many people living with AIDS today are treated like this. Do we reach out as Jesus did?


Article Title:ONE in the Spirit - against global poverty and AIDS
Edition Two, 2004
HIV/AIDS - is there hope?
Article Summary:Whatever our gifts, roles or callings, we need to unite as ONE in conquering the global pandemic.


Article Title:God's "pro-poor" yardstick
Edition Three, 2004
Revamp or retire? World Bank and IMF at 60
Article Summary:Jesus taught that how we treat the poorest and most marginalised is the yardstick by which we will be judged. It's a model that the World Bank and IMF would do well to heed.


Article Title:Neighbours, asylum and xenophilia
Edition Four, 2004
Protection for refugees and the displaced - whose responsibility?
Article Summary:Jesus challenged our limited understanding of what it is to be a neighbour, and of protection and asylum. He claimed that we have all made ourselves outsiders to God's kingdom... and that we all need, and have been offered, asylum.


Article Title:Our neighbours include all of humanity
Edition One, 2003
Blessed are the peacemakers - human security in 2003
Article Summary:Love of God and love of neighbour casts out fear and liberates us from the idolatry of security; moves us to understanding, compassion and justice; and can create the peace that we so dearly desire. - Dean Hirsch


Article Title:Female or male - all alike called to serve
Edition Two, 2003
Gender and development
Article Summary:In Christian teaching there is neither male nor female, but only individuals who are called by Christ to love God and to love their neighbours. Women are to be active participants at the very centre of the process of development. - Alan Whaites


Article Title:What's love got to do with it?
Edition Three, 2003
Profit and loss - corporations and development
Article Summary:What does Jesus' simple message of 'love God, love one another' have to do with corporate processes in the 21st century? - Jon Chamberlain


Article Title:Good news for the poor
Edition Four, 2003
Can development work without human rights?
Article Summary:Jesus calls us to participate with Him in creating a society in which the hungry are fed, the naked are clothed, the homeless are cared for and the elderly are treated with dignity. His salvation includes changing this world into what it should be. - Tony Campolo


Article Title:Sign and model
Edition Two, 2002
Latin America - the struggle for democracy
Article Summary:The 'body' metaphor was not, as is sometimes assumed, a message restricted to the realm of religion. In first-century Asia Minor, its liberating message of equality and participation spoke of broader social renewal. - Harold Segura C.


Article Title:The impact of our beliefs and choices
Edition Three, 2002
The environment - maintaining our home
Article Summary:If we hope to find any answers to major issues, such as climate change, we must consider our human beliefs. - Peter Harris


Article Title:Accent on justice
Edition Four, 2002
NGOs & advocacy - a voice for the poor?
Article Summary:The longing to be loved and the desire to love is often more powerful than a yearning for the justice of others. Yet God's loving presence in us becomes the fuel for justice. - Don Posterski


Article Title:In it for the long haul
Edition Two, 2001
Faith in development
Article Summary:When the church helps the hurting, we're living up to the mandate of Christ, who called us to love people. - Clive Calver


Article Title:Working toward a world where children are safe
Edition Three, 2001
Ending violence against children
Article Summary:Our challenge, as Christians, is to help children and parents achieve what God intended for them. - Dean Hirsch


Article Title:Reversing apathy in fighting the AIDS pandemic
Edition Four, 2001
HIVAIDS - the battle in the developing world
Article Summary:If Jesus were walking through our world today, he would be at the bedside of AIDS-stricken people, providing for children orphaned by the disease, and speaking out against the distorted values that deny prevention, treatment and care. - Rich Stearns


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